Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Let the Sunshine come in a cardi!

I have been craving for some colour like this for agessss! Looked for this colour pretty much all my life and Simply Be have new cardigans in bright shades PERFECT! I teamed this simply again with my trusty black dress I got from Ebay but was originally Evans. I am lad to be able to showcase myself since I have lost weight swimming - even if my face doesnt look it. I always like to do a full body shot but team it with some close ups and that is afterall my best feature ;) I hope you enjoy it. You know I kept getting comments again about this...oh its too bright...oh you need to tone it down. Why should I tone it down. I feel wonderful in it and I happy. People with a problem - get over it! Let me know what you think!

Wedding Outfit

Well hello, "Happy freeze yourself to death" week! With the return of this odd weather we are having Im going back to last month when I attended a lovely wedding. My outfits are quite simple to put together but I like the idea of key pieces that you can change when you like. I love my belt. I have always had mixed reviews over it. I like it because it holds everything in place as well as give me a waist which is not my greatest attribute. I really have stopped caring what people said I suit and what I don't if I feel wonderful in it does it really matter what others think. You will always get mixed reviews no matter what you wear! So I wore this to my friends wedding. She was a stunner. I will include a photo for you to see how beautiful she was. Well without all the waffle onto the photographs. Enjoy!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Swap! Its been a while...

Hello ladies, I was priveledged to be apart of the Valentine swap that got organised by the lovely Rebecca McCormick - I know I havnt posted for like a year and a half (feels like it) with my photography business its been busy but I also needed to simplify my life too. Im back though! So expect some more outfit posts.

So back to the Valentine swap - I got to make a package for a girl called Sarah. I really enjoyed making it for someone else who I didnt really know anything about. I had an idea and because she said she liked pretty much anything I just did the most random things ever while still trying to make it nice. She liked it yey!

I loved mine also - Rebecca knew me from a mutual friend and we have met at a couple events so I was thrilled to find out she took the time to make this for me. My own little love parcel awww - I was sooo thrilled. As you know I speak better with photos so I am just going to let the photos do the talking. WOW i loved everything!!!


Thursday, 17 January 2013

I like to graze, my graze box

I have been wanting to try out a Graze box for ages so when I saw Lisa spoke about her box and was offering a free code I jumped at the chance (see here) I really love the idea you can pick what you get. You choose if you want to bin it, try it, like it or love it. You get to see the full list (and there a ton of options) and rate it how you like. For example if you know you hate olives like me you can bin it right away. There are healthy options and very low calorie options. I am really impressed with Graze, they are handpicked items and are packaged in recycled materials (brilliant!) It also is handy because Royal Mail deliver your box and you dont have to be in to recieve/sign for it! Yey!

Ok so time for some photos - I recieved 4 boxes full of goodness, Mango chutney with cracker dips, after dinner mint (raisins, almonds and chocolate drops), Korean Chilli rice crackers and lots of lovely seeds. I can't wait to try them all - Todays choice is the mango chutney (of course) and I just had it its sooo nice a bit moreish...They are the perfect size though. 

Would you like to try a free box? Pop in this code from me 6QMH34K on the website https://www.graze.com/ enjoy! AND thank you Lisa for my own free box. Hope it interests a few of you out there. Go on treat yourself!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My first beauty box - it's Glossy Detox

So I got to recieve a lovely Glossy beauty box today my first time ever, I really wondered what the big deal was with these boxes. So I wanted to try one out. I recieved 5 products today which you can see in the photos below. They are mostly facial products which I will give a little more detail in

I really like the smell of this but I felt the consistency and it doesnt really feel exfoliatorish (my special new word) I have not tried it yet though so when I have done a proper testing I can be more accurate in my sampling report 

This is gorgeous the smell is delightful and I am in love with it. It is the full size too, with 70% organic product I am very happy with this. It full of minty and chocolatey smells which I really love (pass me the mint choc chip ice-cream pleaseeee) I really love the feel of it on my lips though. I even let my mum try it who was impressed too. Don't you feel with lip balms they leave a really nasty layer of wax and weighs your lip down a ton. This doesn't and I didn't have to reapply for ages. I really love this one as I keep returning to my box to sniff and put it on. RESULT!

This hasn't been used yet by me but it looks like pure clay, but it boasts to be a favourite so sometime this week I will be giving it a whirl on my soft pillowy skin. Yes a-thank you!

Duck Island Limited BODY LOTION
I really love the smell of this - its describes as the very essense of the East which I am big into right now. I am looking forward to trying this. The only real let down was the packaging for me personally. It just has a massive duck on it and a black lid thats about it. If you like that kind of thing though and like the minimalist approach then this will be right up your street. 

I can honestly say I have never used a Tonique for my face a toner yes but this is new for me. It does smell more like the lemon wipes you get from KFC after you ate all that glorious chicken. I really don't have greasy skin though, but I shall try it because I feel it an education for myself and anyone else out there who hasn't tried any yet. 

So was it worth getting? I would say yes but I don't know if I am thrilled with this box - we did get a eye mask with it which is a cute addition. I guess I just expected more makeup/nail products and there wasn't really anything in there. Maybe its just this month with the detox theme. I am unsure if I want to keep going at this point but it was worth getting this box for the lip balm alone its really lovely and its not that expensive.

So ladies and gents - watch this space :) 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Today in Leeds...Plus size swap #4 yey!

I was so happy I got to go to the swap today and I took some photos of all the lovely people that attended. (or as many as I could get) there was so much hard work put into this and Im really greatful that people will put their time and energy into it. Thank you - you know who you are. I got to grab some pretties myself from the lovely Rebecca :-) I will follow up with those later. I also got some shoes, nail varnish and other accessories/bits and pieces. I even had the Taxi driver ask if he could come next time. He thought it was a really wonderful idea and I confess it is brilliant. What we do is bring clothes and other things we dont need anymore but instead of just getting rid of them or they are just maybe too tight/loose we bring them to the swap. Everyone has a good gander and tries on what they like. Then if its right you take it away. Whats left over? It either goes to charity or the bin depending on condition of the item. Its a perfect way to both have social meet up times and recycle at the same time. We had the perfect mix of giggles, music and shopping delights. So here are the photos I will let you sit and enjoy them WARNING - PICTURE HEAVY 
P.S. I have been thinking about this for some time now. Would anyone be interested in me holding a plus size portrait session where you can come for 20-30 mins and have your photos taken by myself (Photography is my profession) so there would be a fee, but if there is enough of you I can keep this small. Please post your comments below if you would be interested. WARNING - PICTURE HEAVY

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